Milestones of Purification

22 March 2007

Where it Began...

Under the able guidance of our mentor, Mr. David Santhamohan, Having experience since 1988 in the Water Treatment Industry. We have been able to establish ourselves as a reputed group in the industry. Owing to his sharp business insight and ample industrial experience, we have carved a position for ourselves in the marketplace.

We Grew

From 2009, We as a TEAM started as a company. With the help of the latest technology, we provide the purified water at its best with all possible solutions.

Our Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System and Water Filtration Systems are highly proficient and eliminate dust, suspended matters, turbidity, free chlorine, and other waste matter from the water. 

Still Purifying...

A decade in the Water purification Industry, just brought us trust and more customers. With our infinity stones we build a HOPE for the customer's health and seal the bridge for Impurities.

Steps of Purification



Pre-filter helps in separating more comprehensive particles such as dirt sand, soil, and other sediments from water.


Water is driven through the semi-permeable membrane to prevent the minute impurities.

UV Lamp

The high-power UV ray eliminates the illness-causing bacterias by attacking their genetic core, thereby waiving their ability to reproduce.


This Membrane through which water is made to pass leaving the contaminants behind and producing pure and clean water.

Post Filter

The filter removes any residual contaminants that slip through the membrane and make it pure and fit for drinking.


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Vasanthamohan Daniel

CEO of Madras Networking Company

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Valentina Lesley

Founder and Principal of John Dewey Group of Schools & Colleges

David Santhamohan
Chief Executive Officer
Calvin Daniel
Chief Technology Officer


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